We believe, and hope, that we can have a normal Waalhella in October. If not, we will postpone it untill we can!

We have 5 bands who would play at our  Covid sit editions. Unfortunately, Kelsey can't play at this party. But they will join in the future. 


People who have tickets for our Covid sit edition, will be informed. They can use it for this edition for 2 person. Use it for one person and get the half of the money back, or get all money back. 

Look at this amazing line-up.





Met het afscheid van Slayer valt er een enorm gat in de thrashwereld. Gelukkig zijn er nog genoeg
thrashmetalbands die ons verblijden met een goede portie thrash. Sommigen zijn al jaren bezig,
maar er komt ook altijd weer wat nieuw bloed binnensijpelen. Zo was Rens Hilgers (ex-Memorial,
Inner Death) al enige tijd actief in de Nederlandse metalscene maar vond in gitarist Dani Ruiz

Cardo (Hallowed Fire), bassist Filip A. Filipczuk (ex-Man As Plague) en drummer Bas Bloos (ex-
Last Fear, Infantry) de synergie waar hij al enige tijd naar op zoek was om in 2016 Degenerate op

te richten. Een band die zich richt op een thrash-/deathmetalgeluid. Na een demo-EP is half
november 2019 het eerste volledige album uitgebracht met daarop tien heerlijke composities die
vanuit een voorliefde voor thrashmetal en deathmetal zijn geschreven en die Sepultura, Max
Cavalera en Children Of Bodom in hun hart gesloten lijken te hebben.



A nickname given to gladiators who fought for their freedom. A thing we still have to do this modern day.

The music made by Hordearii can be identified as Death/Thrash metal from the heart of the Netherlands.

Because of the broad musical taste of the bandmembers, there is a big variety of styles that can be heard throughout the songs. Different breaks are mixed with intense blastbeats on the drum, while the guitarists keep playing different fast riffs. This combination gives a modern sound, wearing a leather biker jacket.


INTERO is a groove metal band from the city of Nijmegen in The Netherlands that started in 2005. In the early days they where infuenced by NYHC bands like Biohazard and Madball. Later on the style became more metal, influenced by bands like Pantera, Black Label and Lamb of God. The lyrics are about society, politics and individual frustrations. INTERO's new record 'Polluted Minds' is OUT NOW \,,/ 




Riffs thick like smoke. Slow, painful, heavy and steeped in filth. Black Sabbath meets Cro-Mags, or just the dark side of the blues gone wrong.




Impartialize is a new band from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 5 people who bring you oldschool nu metal the hard way with a modern twist. Expect groove and heavyness to the max! with members from Deathisfaction,EX-Apollo Rising,EX-intero.

There first singles will be released very soon