WAALHELLA PART 11 / Zondag 28 Mei

Deze editie hebben we weer een prachtige line-up. Zoals jullie gewend zijn van ons gaan we alle kanten op. Wij komen op veel plekken in het land om bands te checken. Alles wat we tof vinden geven we graag een plek op Waalhella. Support de Nederlandse scene en kom gezellig langs! 

De Nu/rap metal van Frontstreet. Voor fans van Dropout Kings, DED,Limp bizkit en alles daartussen. De zware progressieve Reformist. Voor fans van oa. Meshuggah,Periphery,Humanity's last breath en Whitechapel. De Djent met een Metalcore randje van Raven Called Sin. Voor liefhebbers van oa. Born of Osiris, Monuments, Architects en Volumes. De Thrash/Crossover van Obnoxious. Een jonge band uit Arnhem die zeker in de smaak valt bij fans van oa. Crisix,Suicidal Tendencies,DRI en Megadeth. Wat een gave namiddag gaat dit worden!

Het cafe van Waalhella is vanaf 13:00 geopend. Eerste band 15:00. Einde rond 20:00.
Meer info over o.a. het menu,de bar,skatepark,locatie etc kan je vinden op https://waalhalla-centrum.nl/


Frontstreet is a rap-metal band that was founded in 2015. In September 2017, the quintet released their debut album “Reality Check”. The release was picked up fast by the media and the band played national radio stations, appeared in national tv shows and the video for the song “Bad Habit” was shown on “MTV Brand New”. With almost a million plays on Spotify, the band is gaining more fame as well. The band was able to play some major shows with bands including Limp Bizkit, Crazy Town, Hollywood Undead, Hacktivist, Dope D.O.D. and Fleddy Melculy.

Dutch metal formation REFORMIST brings you a modern blend of metal. Hailing from the Eindhoven and
Rotterdam area, REFORMIST brings music that is full of thick grooves, atmospheric cleans, brutally hard
hitting riffs and vocals possessed with emotion. Heavy progressive music with catchy and groovy riffs,
melodies and vocals. For fans of Whitechapel, Novelists, Humanity’s Last Breath, Periphery and Meshuggah.

REFORMIST has performed at Poppodium 013, Baroeg Rotterdam (Submit Fest), Patronaat and more. In
2022, the band was part of Popronde Nederland. The stage has been shared with bands such as InVisions,
Cold Night For Alligators and more. See REFORMIST live at one of the upcoming gigs.

The debut EP contains 6 dynamic songs and was released July 2nd 2021. The lyrical content of the EP tells a
fictional story of an apocalyptic cleansing of the human race, by mother Earth herself. After the warning
signals, swarming viruses and raging natural disasters terrorize the planet. A select group of humans will
survive and are given a second chance. A second chance to reform their way of living and rebuild a more
harmonious world. With each passing year this story comes frighteningly close to our reality...


Raven Called Sin expresses the sins of humanity in the current society of this world. The lyrics of
front man Dylan Lammens reflect the painful truth like a mirror on our society. Not only the lyrics,
but also the music will grab the listener by the throat. They create a wall of sound with their
staccato grooves and progressive drum beats. On top of that they unleash sizzling guitar melodies,
growling bass riffs and antagonized vocals. Inspiration is taken from bands as Born of Osiris,
Monuments, Periphery, Architects and Volumes. Dutch Djent!
“And God made Eve from the rib of Adam. And Eve was weak and loosed the Raven on the world.
And the Raven was called Sin.” (Carrie-1976).
As of October 15th 2020, Raven Called Sin is releasing their new EP "ASOCIAL" single by single
until its completion in May 2021. #ASOCIALCULT


A young, new band from Arnhem. Mixing Thrash , Crossover and Punk.